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Dear parents, please use our links on the right to register your child for our school bus services.

Please read our terms and conditions before accepting our services.

Upon successful registration
You will be given a bus card. Example of the bus card which will be given is shown below:

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I choose the pickup/ drop off location for my child?
No. In order to increase efficiency and ensure all students are sent on time, we will arrange a designated location for you.

How do I know the pickup/ drop off time for my child?
The driver in-charge for your child’s school bus will inform you personally for the timing. If unsure of the driver’s contact, please call our office +65 66357070 to check for the driver’s contact number.

Who do I inform if my child is not taking school bus today?
Please inform the driver in-charge (a day in advanced for not taking school bus). If unsure of the driver’s contact, please call our office +65 66357070 to check for the driver’s contact number.

Why the school bus went off did not wait for me?
Due to operational requirements, the bus will depart for its next destination to avoid late arrival in school. If your child is not at the specified pick up location and time given, the bus will leave for its next destination.

I will be moving to another address, what do I do?
Please call the office at +65 66357070 to inform of the new address and we will do a check on the availability of seats with regards to the new address. At least up to 1 month notice in advanced is needed to check and arrange for availability. Do note that bus fares payable may differ for a change of address.

Can I request the air-conditioning in the school bus to be at my desired temperature?
No. The air-conditioning in the school bus will be set at comfortable temperature to accommodate all students on board.

How and when do I pay the bus fare?
Bus fare is payable in advance on the first week of each month. Cash payment shall be paid by putting into the plastic holder of Bus Card. Please hand your Bus Card with your payment to the Bus Driver.

What is the mode of payment available?
We currently only accept Cash and cheque only. Do note that payment by Cheque is preferred.

Can i pay via I-banking?
No. We do not accept payment via I-banking as we are still in the process of implementing I-banking as one of our mode of payment.

Registration of School Bus

Change of address/ school timing