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School Bus Terms & Conditions

1. The school bus transportation is subjected to availability.

2. I understand if my child is being suspended from taking school bus due to misbehavior/bullying of others on the bus, there will not be any refund of bus fees for the suspension period. I hereby release the school and bus contractor from any and all claims/costs incurred due to the suspension of my child on the school bus.

3. I understand that my child is conveyed to and/or from school at my own risk and not at the risk of the school, who is acting only in a liaison role between the bus contractor and parents. I agree that the school shall not be liable or be responsible for any accident or personal injury sustained or suffered by my child/children or for my child's death or for any damage to my child's personal belongings however caused whilst my child is being conveyed or is waiting to be conveyed to and/or from school. I hereby release the school from any and all claims, demands, damages, costs, actions or causes of action on account of or arising from any of the foregoing matters, including such action that may be taken by the school subsequent to any accident or incident in which personal injury has occurred.

4. Bus contractor reserves the rights to make changes to the terms and conditions at any time.


1. Students stop taking school transport should give one month notice in advance to bus operator or one month bus fare in lieu of notice.

2. The bus service will not be operational on Saturday, Sunday, public holidays and school holidays This factor shall has been deemed to have been considered in the computation of monthly payable bus fare).

3. Pick-up point will be allocated by Bus Operator. There shall be no change to the designated pick-up point without the consent of the bus service operator. Bus service operator reserves the right to designate the final pick-up point in compliance with traffic and safety rules, size of bus and road conditions.

4. Student must be at designated pick-up point 5 minutes earlier then the scheduled time given by the bus driver. If student is late, a grace time of 3 minute will be given before the bus proceeds on to the next pick-up point.

5. In event of changing address, parents must inform bus service operator and provide a 1-month notice. Do note that for change of address, seats will be subjected to availability and bus fare may differ.

6. Any changes to contact information are to inform bus service operator to avoid any necessary inconvenience.

7. Parents must inform the bus operator or the bus driver of any no-show or own transport arrangement as early as possible in order not to cause any delay or inconvenience to other pupils.

8. School bus are strictly for students only. Parents or caretakers are not allowed to board the bus.

9. The bus service operator reserves the right to change the type/brand/made of the bus vehicle as it deems fit.

10. For combined session or change of timing on any sessions, the student needs to arrange their own transport. Please contact bus service operator for any enquiries.


1. Bus fare is payable in advance on the first week of each month with the correct amount stated in the bus card, failing which the bus operator reserves the right to terminate or discontinue the bus transport services. Therefore, please ensure to make payment on time to avoid any necessary inconvenience.

2. December bus fare shall be paid at the same time with January fare, June bus fare is due on the first week of May.

3. When a pupil start using the service, two months bus fare are payable upfront. (both for the current month as well as for the coming December)

4. If a pupil quits the service in the first half of the year using it for more than a week, the bus fare for the coming June shall become payable, the advance fare collected for December shall then be deemed to be payment for June.

5. If a pupil quits the transport service after using it for more then a week in the second half of the year, the fare paid for December shall not be refundable.

6. For making payment of bus fare, we accept cheque (preferred) or cash only.

7. Damage Notes and Foreign Currency will not be accepted. 8. The bus payment for one (1) academic school year, 4 semesters, are spread over twelve months.