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Do note of the terms and conditions when booking with us~


  1. Heavy Instruments and equipment are not allowed to be loaded onto the bus.

  2. Extension charges applicable for after 10 minutes of waiting will be charged accordingly as per hour rate (subjected to availability)

  3. Our company will not be held responsible for any loss or misplacement of personal items.

  4. For the comfort of other passengers, eating, drinking and littering onboard our buses is prohibited. 

  5. Cleaning of buses for customers own mishap such as vomiting, spilling of food and drinks is chargeable depending on the cleaning agency fee.

  6. There will be no wet weather planning for any bookings. To arrange wet weather planning, please contact your sales representative to get a quotation for the prices.

  7. Payment has to be made before the trip commences. Failure to do so will result in voiding the trip all together. If there is no response from the customer within 24 hours, we reserve the right to cancel the trip. 

  8. No waiting of more than 10 mins after the stated pickup time. Customers and guests will have to be at the pick up point at least 5 mins before the stated pick up time. We reserve the right to let the driver go after 10 mins of waiting from the initial pick up timing from the invoice we have sent.

  9. No refund will be provided if the timing is changed within 24 hours prior to the pick up timing.

  10. We reserve the right to treat your booking as a no-show if the point of contact given is uncontactable while the bus is waiting.

  11. No changes of pick up timing within 24 hours from the original pick up timing. We will not be responsible for changes in the pick up timing within 24 hours before the trip commences. 

  12. We reserve the right to forfeit any/all trips if customers fails to follow our T&C.

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